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7 Asian American and Pacific Islander Owned Cannabis Brands You Should Know About

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! We’re celebrating the best way we know how – by highlighting some of the amazing AAPI-owned Cannabis brands we carry & love.
Throughout the month, we hope to learn about and celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander culture, but, we must also remind ourselves of the cruel acts of hatred that have deeply impacted Asian communities. If the pandemic wasn’t difficult enough to navigate, Asian communities have had to endure covid-19 AND becoming a scapegoat for the entire pandemic.When FlowerHire asked Ophelia Chong—CEO of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education— how to support the Asian community, she responded:
  1. Check-in with Asian Americans. Ask them how they’re doing. And open the conversation for them to talk.
  2. Support Asian American and Pacific Islander non-profit organizations.
Aside from elevating AAPI voices this month, we will be donating a percentage of all May sales towards these 7 brands to:  https://www.asianmhc.org/ and https://aapip.org/


Ok, we can’t stop talking about Potli this month! Aside from launching a new hemp line & their crunchy & sweet shrimp chips, Potli is doing so much this month in celebration of AAPI month.Their Courage over Comfort campaign amplifies Asian stories, urges action & donates to an excellent cause. By making a minimum donation to Alma Backyard Farms, you can enter a giveaway to win this amazing basket full of goodies:PLUS – everyone who buys Potli this month at THP gets a free flowerbomb.With 5/20 being World Bee Day, we couldn’t think of a better way to do your part. Just throw the flowerbomb in your backyard, front yard or garden—and watch it bloom into wildflowers.


A household name, Stiiizy was founded only 4 years ago and has since grown into one of the most well-known cannabis brands worldwide. James Kim founded Stiiizy after a 13-month tour in Iraq; Kim was able to cope with his PTSD through cannabis and wanted to create a brand that could potentially do the same for others.Packing a pretty heavy punch, Stiiizy pods are one of the cannabis’ industries favorite vape pods.


Cannabis and marshmallows? Sounds like a slice of heaven if you ask us. Founder & Chief confectioner of Mellows—Stephanie Hua—created Mellows for those with low-tolerance and/or consumers who prefer to micro-dose.With each mellow packing 5 mg of THC, these edibles will do exactly that—mellow you out.

Grizzly Peak

Based in Oakland & San Diego, Grizzly Peak is an indoor-grown, pesticide-free farm.On every Monday this month, you can get an 1/8th of their cub nugs for $1 when you purchase ANY Grizzly Peak flower!FuzziesThese infused pre-rolls will have you wondering why you never tried Fuzzies before. With one of the highest THC percentages in the pre-roll industry, it’s no wonder Fuzzies’ popularity just keeps on growing.We carry Fuzzies’ 5-packs, singles & roll-your-own kits. If you need another reason to try Fuzzies’ out, each Saturday we offer 10% off all pre-rolls. With an already low price point for top shelf flower, you can save a few more bucks on Super Saturdays.


Shifting gears here a little—Vet CBD is exactly what it sounds like. CBD formulated carefully for your fur babies. With Independence Day firecrackers right around the corner, Vet CBD offers 20:1 and 10:1 tinctures that’ll help ease your pup’s anxiety.


Apollo Cannabis was founded by the Kojima family in 2015. From their humble beginnings, Apollos prides itself on bringing generational Northern California grown products to the Southern California market. Their cannabis is a reflection of their Japanese heritage, and over one hundred years of traditional values.


Flower and vapes and pre-rolls, oh my!Leune is a very versatile brand, but we love them for way more than just their unique and high-quality strains. Leune’s mission is to use their platform in the cannabis industry to bring awareness to social justice and inspire change.
We are proud to partner with this brand owned by badass women. See all of our AAPI-owned brands here.

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