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An Interview with High Gorgeous

Launched in 2016, High Gorgeous is the first ever mainstream cannabis beauty line created by the makers of Yummi Karma–pretty sweet, huh? Since August is Health & Beauty Month here at The Higher Path, we reached out to High Gorgeous to find out what inspired them to create this line & the benefits of incorporating cannabis into your beauty regimen!

Who or what was the inspiration that sparked the idea of High Gorgeous?

HG: Our team has always wanted to create cannabis products that help women. From the beginning, we have offered a small line of topicals, but we always knew that would be something we would expand. After years of research and testing, we were ready to launch High Gorgeous, and are overwhelmed with the response.

What specific differences in your skin have you noticed since adding HG into your beauty regimen?

HG: Since infused topicals can penetrate skin more deeply, the moisturizers in our products are better able to do their job. So, our skin is softer than ever. Most of us work long hours here at Yummi Karma, and there’s nothing more relaxing than taking one of our infused bubble baths when we get home. Our other favorites are our lotions, especially the Plain Jane CBD lotion that really helps us with inflammation from too much typing. And, now that it is summer, we are all obsessed with our Nice Buns cellulite treatment. It really works!

Has anyone on your team previously developed cosmetics?

HG: We’re an all-female team, and a few of us consider ourselves amateur cosmetologists. We were fortunate enough to work with some amazing estheticians to develop our formulas. Our newest team member has a beautician and MUA background, so she is helping to make our seasonal products more fabulous.

Is HG CBD hemp based or cannabis based?

HG: We have both! Most of our products are infused with THC/THCa, and then we have a Plain Jane line of Industrial Hemp CBD only products.

Are the products made using flower or extract?

HG: We use flower to make an infused MCT (fractionated coconut) oil, coconut oil, or vegetable glycerin – depending on which product it is.

Is HG planning on revealing any new products coming out soon?

We follow the mainstream cosmetic model, by introducing seasonal products to keep it fresh and exciting. We will always have our staples, like our Pina Co Canna THC/THCa body butter, but we like to showcase new products also. This summer, we decided to offer a limited amount of Baked THC/THCa suntan oil. To our shock, we sold out in the first two weeks we released it. Next time, we’ll make a lot more.

Is there anything you would like to tell our patients?

I want people to know that our company is run by all women and we truly believe in the products we make. Each one of us have been involved in developing the products and we actually use them every day. We love hearing stories from patients who have also gotten relief from using High Gorgeous, so keep sending them our way!

If you want to learn more about High Gorgeous you can visit their website or connect with them on Instagram or Facebook!

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