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Mind-Bending Puzzles: 5 Brainteasers to Try While High

Everyday activities can be more fun when you’re high. Whether it’s a hobby or pastime like reading, playing video games, or doing the crossword, cannabis just makes things better. And brainteasers? Well, cannabis can really kick them up a notch, either making them harder or allowing you to discover new creative solutions you wouldn’t have thought of. Here are a few to try the next time you take a puff.


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Sudoku is a signature Japanese puzzle that has become popular all over the world for its tricky, intuitive logic and varying range of difficulty. A relatively simple game that’s easy to learn but hard to master, Sudoku is a unique brainteaser that can fill hours of the day with its fun and frustrating style of play.

Under the influence of a cannabis high, Sudoku takes on an entirely new quality, provoking deep thought and focus towards the complex structure of the puzzle. While cannabis may not assist with helping to solve puzzles faster, completing a Sudoku puzzle while high can create a special sense of satisfaction and pride in your accomplishment. You can find puzzles in the newspaper or download an app so you always have some on hand.

New York Times Crossword

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The New York Times crossword puzzle is perhaps one of the best known and respected brainteasers of its kind in America. The daily puzzle has been overseen by Will Shortz since 1993 and offers readers an engaging experience that spans a wide breadth of references to American society.

With cannabis, the New York Times crossword becomes a winding alley of interesting and often amusing cultural markers that lifts its answers from music, movies, literature, television, and almost every sphere of American life. Sometimes, consumers may find that the right cerebral high can assist in recalling that one lingering, unsolved word. Give it a try!

Jigsaw Puzzles

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Puzzles can be intense, especially once you start doing 1k or 2k-piece puzzles. Add to that some psychedelic imagery and you may find yourself transfixed. Team up with some pals to turn your next high puzzle experience into a fun bonding activity.

Rubix Cube

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Originating in Hungary, the Rubix Cube is now considered one of the classic brainteasers. Mastering the Rubix Cube has become almost a professional sport among the world’s wider puzzle community, requiring both focus and intuition. When taking a small dose of cannabis, however, certain individuals might achieve an enhanced level of concentration that lends itself to quick thinking and enhanced control. Don’t have one on hand? Give it a spin online.


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While Jenga may seem exceedingly simple, cannabis has the potential to turn any game into a tense showdown that invites a spirited style of play. Jenga requires little in the way of set up, making it perfect for playing with a potent high, and the grand finale of any game is guaranteed to light up the whole room with fun. Large Jenga sets make the experience more fun.

Will cannabis make these puzzling brainteasers easier or harder for you? There’s just one way to find out. Stop by our Sherman Oaks dispensary to grab a few different strains to try. A sativa may allow you to hunker down with a crossword, while an indica may help open up some surprising mental connections.

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