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Rickett Brewing is a cannabis brand that has come to be known for its unique and exciting infused beverages. Their one-of-a-kind infused beverages have got people all over California buzzing!

Pop the Top & Push the Envelope

Cannabis-infused beverages are quickly taking over the legal cannabis industry. But many consumers are already getting bored with the flavored sodas that are always on dispensary shelves.

Enter Rickett. One of the most talked-about beverage brands in the industry, Rickett is a bold company that is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to their cannabis concoctions. Their signature sparkling beverages are a testament to their willingness to try new things and push the envelope in search of new and amazing cannabis experiences. 

Jolie Fleur Non-Alcoholic Infused Beverages

Inspired by the class and style of premium champagne, Rickett Brewing set out to create their own unique high-class sparkling beverage for the cannabis market.

The result was Jolie Fleur, an infused sparkling drink that tastes very similar to champagne, but without the alcohol. Jolie Fleur is a classy infused beverage that is perfect for special occasions and celebrations. Produced using only the finest California grapes and traditional French methods, Jolie Fleur is truly the champagne of cannabis beverages.

Jolie Fleur is available in two varieties: Blanc and Pink. 

Jolie Fleur Blanc features notes of green apples, ripe pears, and fresh melon. Its delectable natural tones are accompanied by a light cannabis finish that lingers on the taste buds before melting away.

Jolie Fleur Pink is a slightly sweeter blend that features a tart raspberry fruitiness. It’s similarly light and dry, but with a smoother and lighter mouthfeel.

At 375 mL of liquid and 10 mg of THC per bottle, Jolie Fleur is a great alternative to a glass of wine or a beer.

Speaking of, keep an eye out for upcoming Rickett Brewing infused beers and wines (non-alcoholic)! 

How Does Rickett Brewing Do It?

Considering how delicious, unique, and exciting Rickett’s Jolie Fleur is, it’s no surprise that there are an impressive process and a passionate team behind it.

Rickett’s extracts are produced using a proprietary closed extraction and purification process that effectively strips the plant of the good stuff, while making sure to leave behind any toxins, heavy metals, or pesticides.

Additionally, Rickett Brewing uses the latest nanotechnology to break down cannabis particles into nano-molecules. This makes them easier to absorb, ensuring that as much of the cannabis extract as possible enters the bloodstream to produce effects.

Want to add a bottle of Jolie Fleur to your next celebration or special occasion? Check out our online menu to see what we’ve got in stock right now!

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