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Stone Road is a California cannabis company that specializes in the sale of top-shelf cannabis flower and premium pre-rolls. Stone Road’s organically-grown California flower has quickly gained a reputation for quality, purity, and potency.

Farm-Grown California Cannabis

Stone Road’s cannabis flower is organically grown by dedicated cannabis farmers who love what they do. Their commitment to growing pure and potent cannabis is evident in every single puff of their exceptional flower.

Stone Road’s cannabis is grown on Northern California farmland that has been blessed with abundant rainwater and long days of natural sunshine. The result is amazing small-batch cannabis flower that is organically grown without the use of synthetics or pesticides. Their dedication to only sourcing clean, pure, organic cannabis has even earned them a CleanGreen certification!

Purchased in 2016, Stone Road’s own farm is the heart and soul of their cannabis operations. Originally, all of their cannabis was sourced from this one farm. However, as their customer base and product needs have expanded, so has their network of farms and growers. 

With A Little Help From Mother Nature

The Stone Road farm is a testament to sustainable cannabis growing. The farm is completely off-the-grid and is powered 100% by solar power. Additionally, the cultivation team waters their flowers with living microbial rainwater that was naturally captured in their 660’ deep artesian well. And despite having over 57 acres of land on their farm, they only grow their cannabis in a 10,000 sq ft. plot, leaving the rest to nature.

By sourcing their cannabis from select Northern California farms, Stone Road is able to ensure that their cannabis is grown for maximum quality, purity, and potency.

The Northern California climate delivers a healthy mix of sunshine and mild rain, ensuring that cannabis plants have everything they need. Additionally, the high elevation of these farms (theStone Roads farm sits at over 2477 feet) results in daily temperature swings that benefit the plants and result in more complete cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  

Premium Pre-rolls

The Stone Roads team doesn’t just hand-grow and hand-trim their cannabis, they also hand-roll it into mind-blowing and mouthwatering prerolls.

Each of their pre-rolls contains their signature cannabis rolled in French-imported papers produced from unbleached plant cellulose. Stone Road’s pre-rolls are proudly “saliva-free,” instead being sealed with organic gum sourced from the Acacia tree.

Thinking of trying out some of Stone Road’s outstanding organic cannabis today? Check out our online menu for a selection of cannabis products that are sure to blow your mind!

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