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Founded in 2016 by two guys who love edibles, Wyld Cannabis has grown into the most popular edibles brand in Oregon and beyond. Wyld edibles strive to capture the refreshing sense of uninhibited adventure that the Pacific Northwest is known for. Consistent, adventurous, and delicious—Wyld edibles are a testament to Oregon’s unique cannabis culture—and we’re so happy to feature them in our Sherman Oaks dispensary!

Oregon’s Top-Selling Edible Available in CA

How much do people love Wyld edibles? So much that the brand is the best-selling edible in the state of Oregon—and has been for a long time. Wyld has been supplying Oregon residents with delicious edibles since the beginning of the state’s legal rec market. Over the years, they have perfected their craft to better meet consumer needs. Now, Wyld offers a range of THC and CBD edible products designed for both medical and recreational use.

Giving Back To The Environment

The Wyld team is committed to giving back to the earth that has given them so much. As a company, Wyld has been involved in numerous projects aimed at environmental preservation and sustainability, in order to ensure that future generations can enjoy a healthy and robust environment.

For instance, Wyld has recently partnered up with Friends of Trees, an Oregon organization founded in 1989 that is dedicated to bringing more trees back to urban areas. Since their inception, Friends of Trees have planted more than 750,000 native trees and plants in over 120 different Oregon neighborhoods.

Wyld Gummies

From wild peach to huckleberry, the Wyld edibles gummy line has a flavor for every taste and every occasion. Made with all-natural real fruit flavors that represent the adventurous Pacific Northwest outdoor lifestyle, these gummies are an adventure unto themselves.

Wyld edibles do not use any kind of artificial flavoring or coloring, only real fruit. Their THC gummies are loaded with high-quality THC extract, while their CBD gummies are packed with US-sourced broad-spectrum CBD oil. They’re produced using a pharmaceutical-grade food mixer to ensure that the broad-spectrum extract is spread evenly throughout the gummy. Depending on the product, these gummies may also be infused with extra terpenes for added flavor and therapeutic benefit!

Wyld Chocolates

Wyld’s fruit-flavored white chocolates are unlike any other chocolate edible you are likely to find on the market. Their unique flavors and potent effects are sure to have you coming back for more.

Wyld chocolate edibles can be enjoyed in flavors such as blood orange (sativa), strawberry (hybrid), and peach (indica). These delicious edibles mix milky white chocolate with real fruit flavoring and cannabinoids to produce a memorable and delightful edible cannabis experience.

Finding The Right Blend

Wyld edible products are available in a variety of THC:CBD ratios, allowing you to explore in search of your ideal buzz. The introduction of their CBD gummy line in 2019 saw three new products added to the Wyld lineup: Peach flavored 2:1 CBD:THC Hybrid Enhanced Gummies, Pomegranate flavored 1:1 CBD:THC Hybrid Enhanced Gummies, and Strawberry Flavored 20:1 CBD:THC CBD Enriched Gummies.

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