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CBD For Pets Will Ease Anxiety For Both You And Your Furry Friend

If you click on this blog, you may be curious as to how CBD for pets can help your little one. We’ve put together the perfect guide to how CBD can help your dog or cat, mammal, and reptile.

How does CBD for pets work specifically for our furry friends?

Some animals have the same endocannabinoid systems we do! They are not entirely the same, but their bodies are composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors, similar to ours. Therefore, cannabis-derived products can be used for the same ailments for which we use them. The primary cannabinoid in our products is CBD, which will not get your pet high (more on this later). The CBD you give them is completely safe for your little one and comes with little to no side effects.

So, just how different is the CBD for pets you buy from Amazon compared to the CBD you get from a dispensary? The product we sell is cannabis-derived CBD, meaning it contains traces of THC. This makes the product much more effective in treating specific ailments, as CBD and THC work synergistically, creating the entourage effect. The more THC you have, the better the CBD can work, and vice versa.

How can CBD help your pet?

Seizures happen due to abnormal brain activity. They occur in humans, as well as dogs and cats. They can be inconspicuous and induce violent spasms. Seizures happen when nerve cells (neurons) in the brain malfunction get stimulated, ultimately firing out of control. Seizures in cats and dogs are most common at night or while napping. Luckily, CBD can significantly help. CBD is a natural anticonvulsant, making it an excellent treatment for seizures in pets.
Pain Relief
Depending on the type of pain your pet is experiencing, our pet CBD products can help. As we know, THC and CBD bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors, calming many forms of nervous and immune pain. The low dose of THC helps create the entourage effect and activates the CBD to work better on your pets’ aches. Treating visceral, somatic, or neuropathic pain is most popular with CBD.
Reduce Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea is quite frequent in pets. Symptoms can arise from eating too fast, indigestion, changes in diet, or having a new medication in their system. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors, proven to calm nausea and vomiting and animals. Look for these signs to tell if your pet is experiencing nausea or may vomit: drooling, excessive licking of lips, and swallowing. If your cat eats grass excessively, they might be trying to self-induce vomiting.
Stress and Anxiety
Our pets experience stress and anxiety just like us. You can quickly tell if your pet is going through an anxious phase or is stressed out. They might act differently or more defensively. For example, most pets will tuck their tail, tuck their ears, yawn a lot, or pant more than usual. Stressors can include traveling with your pet, phobias from larger pets or public spaces, and loud noises like fireworks or strong engines.

Luckily, CBD does have the advantage of greatly reducing stress and anxiety by calming our nervous and immune systems down.

FAQ’s about CBD For Pets

– Will my pet get high?
Yes, but not as much as you think. Cannabis-derived CBD works better than hemp-derived CBD, which will NOT get your pet high. Trust me when I say that the pets do not mind. Whatever ailment you are treating, feeling slight effects of being high is better than experiencing what they may be going through.

– How long will it last?
Your pet should feel the effects within 30 minutes of initial administration. THC and CBD generally stay in our systems for around 5-6 hours.

– What’s the best way to give it?
The Higher Path currently only carries oil-based CBD products. You flip the bottle upside down, insert the syringe, and pull for measurement. Once you’re ready, open your pet’s mouth and shoot! Aiming and praying is the most primal of ways, of course. There are easier ways to put it with your pet’s favorite food (like peanut butter or goat milk).

– Can I mix this with other medications?
Although THC and CBD rarely interact with other medications, please consult your pet’s veterinarian if your pet is taking other medications as these may interact.

CBD Products for Pets

Their products come in two ratios, 20:1 and 10:1. The latter does have more THC and helps with more general neuropathic pain and light anxiety. Pick up some Vet CBD today and ask your budtender how to administer the correct dose.

My Best Bud
The co-founders of My Best Bud, known as the two Irena(s), are powerhouse serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in aerospace engineering, law, and medical fields. They hope that the science they used to develop wellness products for pets will one day be able to treat humans as well.
1:1 – This ratio works best for severe pain and anxiety. The golden ratio is the one that will get your furry friend the highest. However, taken at a low dose, it can work wonders.
4:1 – At a lighter dose, the 4:1 ratio offers the relaxing benefits of CBD while synergistically working THC to calm the nervous system.

Be sure to come by for National Pet Day on April 11th and see what we have set up for your furry friends!

Looking to buy hemp CBD for pets so you can ship it across state lines? Head to our sister store, The Other Path CBD.

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