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What Will The World of Cannabis Look Like After COVID?

Can’t wait to get back to life without COVID? We know what you mean! But don’t expect everything to be just like it was. The ‘new normal’ may look a lot like the old normal, but there are certain ways in which the coronavirus may change the ways in which we enjoy cannabis for a long time to come.

More Smokeless Cannabis, Especially Edibles

According to sales data, more and more people are turning to edibles as a way to ingest cannabis. Nowadays, many people are enjoying their COVID session with an edible instead of with a joint. Since COVID primarily affects the lungs, some people have made a point of staying away from smokable cannabis products in an effort to better protect themselves from the virus and its effects.

Edibles have been particularly popular, seeing their total market share grow from 10.65% in 2019 to 11.07% in 2020. And while that may not seem like much in the big picture, some states have seen considerable increases in sales numbers. For instance, Michigan saw edible sales rise by over 14% over the course of last year.

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But buying edibles isn’t the only option. Making your own cannabis edibles and drinks at home with purchased flower is also an option. Once you’ve decarboxylated your flower, there are many different ways you can use it. And remember that tinctures can be added to just about any beverage. Even your own homemade cannabis-infused sangria!

New Edibles & New Drinks

In response to higher demand, edible brands have been continuously innovating and bringing new edible products to market – a development that’s sure to have a positive impact on future sales. While this trend may not continue at quite the same pace post-COVID, you should still expect to see more people using edibles in the future than you did in the past.

Additionally, you should also expect to see many new edible products hitting dispensary shelves in response to this interest. From boutique chocolates to new drink enhancers and other infused beverages, there should be many more edible cannabis products coming through the pipeline in the post-COVID future.

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COVID Session: Puff, But Maybe Don’t Pass

While the COVID pandemic is expected to pass, the coronavirus is expected to stick around, kind of like the seasonal flu. In this case, it may be a good idea to keep the sharing of joints, pipes, and other smoking utensils to a minimum. Even if you don’t care so much about transmitting germs this way, it’s possible that many others will find it unhygienic and less safe than it once was. As such, in the future it will probably be a good idea to bring your own stuff wherever you go and not to expect others to share as freely as they once did.

Clean Gear, No Germs

If you do plan on sharing your pipes, bongs, or vapes, it may also be a good idea to clean your pieces more regularly than you did before. Keeping some sanitary wipes in your smoke kit or bringing them with you when you plan on smoking with someone else may be a good idea. At the very least, you should definitely think about keeping some on hand for your next public COVID session until the pandemic blows over.

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More Cannabis!

Lastly, don’t be surprised if you see more people enjoying cannabis than before. With pandemic lockdowns keeping people tied down last year, Americans bought 71% more cannabis than they did in 2019.

Not only did regulars up their usage, but many people who usually stick to alcohol have begun to dip their toes in the cannabis market, possibly as a way to bring down their alcohol usage. In addition, dispensaries have noticed a steady stream of newcomers and first-time buyers over the past year. Don’t be surprised if you see more people using cannabis in the future than you did in the past!

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