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Stoke the Fires: Higher Path’s Fall Cannabis Strains to Tempt the Tastebuds

Even though we’re in sunny Southern California, fall brings a special mood all its own. Cooling rains inspire the urge to nest, to delve into personal projects, and to prepare for the shorter days to come. And here at The Higher Path, we’re firm believers that fall cannabis strains help get you in the right mindset to fully inhabit the season.

What’s a fall cannabis strain? Well for starters, we’re not talking about pumpkin-spice latté flavored buds (although there’s probably a grower somewhere trying to breed that flavor).

For us, this season of change means focusing on self-care, settling into creative pursuits, or simply obeying the human urge to nest and get cozy. And we’ve gathered a winning selection of exciting and seasonal fall cannabis strains to put you in the right frame of mind.

The Higher Path’s Favorite Fall Cannabis Strains of 2019

Super Silver Haze

fall cannabis 2

This sativa-dominant powerhouse is a perennial favorite any time of the year, but most especially in fall. Why? The aromas of pine, pepper, citrus, and eucalyptus just seem to invite the nesting and cozying-up urge. But it’s hardly a strain to put you in hibernation: Often described as “buzzy” and “energetic,” it can be distracting if you overindulge. We advise you to take it slow and low, and you’ll soon discover why it’s beloved by many creatives for its inspiring and exciting qualities.

Sunset Sherbet

fall cannabis 1

This deliciously sweet and potent indica-dominant hybrid is just the thing when gloomy weather turns your mood sour. Uplifting, mood-enhancing, and capable of turning the volume down on pain and inflammation, this perfect fall cannabis strain is probably best enjoying after working hours, due to its slightly gooey effects on cerebral functioning. Derived in part from the immensely popular Girl Scout Cookies strain, SS imparts a long-lasting and lovely high that will have you dreaming in no time at all.

Super Glue

fall cannabis 3

Packing potent levels of both THC and CBD, this indica-dominant is one to enjoy at home, perhaps with some cozy pillows and blankets close at hand. It’s beloved for its medical effects—including the ability to help address pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression—and for its soft, heavy body effects as well. The earthy, piney aromas will remind you of wet leaves; the stress-relieving qualities will impart soothing and welcome relief.


fall cannabis 4

The smash-hit of 2019? Gelato has risen to near-legendary status lately, in no small part for its heady and sweet mixed-fruit flavors and aromas. But the real treat is in the slightly indica-dominant effects, which include a head-centric high that won’t weigh you down, bolstered by a slight energetic focus and a noticeable sense of uplift. It’s popular among recreational and medical users for its ability to tackle chronic symptoms such as pain and fatigue, and it’s a great choice to help you get invested in personal projects during the months of dwindling daylight.

Ready to find your perfect fall cannabis strain? Visit our online dispensary menu or stop by our Sherman Oaks dispensary today!

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