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Games to Play While High: Elevate Game Night with Cannabis

More people than ever before are using cannabis for fun or as part of their health care or wellness regimen. Today, we want to talk about the former.

Whether it’s lounging on the couch with your favorite movie or settling down for games to play while high with friends, cannabis can add excitement (and possibly a case of the giggles) to any activity. Don’t just take our word for it, though—why not call over some pals for an epic game night and test it out for yourself?

4 Fun Games to Play While High


games to play while high monopoly

While almost everyone has played Monopoly, it’s worth trying it after some premium flower. Monopoly is a classic game to play while high. For years, it’s captivated players with its unique design and style of play, and the addition of cannabis heightens appreciation of those elements of the game which lend it its signature charm. You’ll find yourself examining even the smallest details, like the craftsmanship of the game pieces which have become so recognizable over the decades.

And if you aren’t into the classic Monopoly, why not try one of the themed boards? Missing your Khaleesi? Try a Game of Thrones Monopoly game night. Can’t stop singing along to your favorite Disney songs? There’s a Monopoly for that.

Strain pairing: Jack Herer is a renowned sativa strain that provides a heady, cerebral high. As a potent sativa, Jack Herer creates a clear, buoyant headspace that lends itself to deep thoughts. One puff, and you’ll be in the mindset to think three steps ahead of your competition.

Dungeons & Dragons

games to play while high 2

The original roleplaying game developed in the 1970s, Dungeons & Dragons has undergone many different iterations over the years. While the game may be difficult to break into for new players, most people have a friend who is already knowledgeable in the mechanics of the game (though they may not advertise it). When you take the time to learn the complexities of this distinct, open-ended adventure, however, the entertainment potential of this game is limitless.

Strain pairing: As an indica-dominant hybrid, Banana OG lends itself to relaxing nights at home and calming vibes. However, Banana OG is also known for the powerful euphoria it instills in any who encounter it, promoting silly moods and creative energy. That creativity just may help you dominate during your next game night.

Games to Play While High: Catan

Games to Play While High: Catan

Catan certainly has a learning curve, but those familiar with its compelling gameplay usually become chief word-of-mouth advertisers of the game to their friends. As one of the most engaging multiplayer games to play while high, Catan is perfect for sharing with a well-packed bowl and close companions- though don’t be surprised if the competition becomes heated.

Strain pairing: Ghost OG is a hybrid strain, known as an excellent accompaniment to any daily routine for its ability to instill consistently pleasant sensations that impact equally the mind and body. For a tactical board game like Catan, Ghost OG can serve as an ideal libation to unwind after intense strategizing.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Source: Avalon Hill

The outlook of this acclaimed board game may seem spooky, but beneath its haunting exterior, Betrayal at House on the Hill holds a jovial, quirky attitude that charms any who become acquainted with it. With a range of scenarios leading to drastically different outcomes each play-through, Betrayal at House on the Hill can provide hours of entertainment for any bored group of cannabis enthusiasts looking for games to play while high.

Strain pairing: An eccentric game should be paired with an eccentric strain, and the mysteriously-named XJ-13 is just that. This sativa-dominant hybrid can liven any mood and becomes a hit wherever it is passed around.

Of course, there are plenty more phone games to play—Words Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Pokemon…. the world is your bowl. Find a game you love (or used to love) and give a whirl with some quality bud. Stop by your favorite Sherman Oaks dispensary to stock up or browse our online menu now.

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