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Vendor Spotlight: Kiva

Founded in 2010, Kiva has dedicated itself to re-defining what it means to produce quality edibles. Thanks to their artisanal approach to cooking with cannabis, they have constantly pushed the envelope towards producing delectable and innovative edibles. Blending art and science, Kiva strives to produce edibles that are delicious, consistent, and trustworthy.

Delectable Treats Made By Professional Chocolatiers

The early days of California’s legal edible market suffered from a lack of quality edibles. Not only were edibles undersupplied and understocked, but they were often untested, unlabeled, and inconsistent. That’s when Kiva founders Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich took it upon themselves to create a product that was not only potent and delicious, but also one that is clean, consistent, and trustworthy. Thanks to their commitment to excellence, efficacy, and food safety, Kiva has become one of the most recognizable edible brands in California.

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Kiva’s novel approach to cannabis confections goes well beyond just offering edibles. Customers have fallen in love with Kiva’s unique flavors, clean ingredients, and lab-tested products. Kiva is proud to offer more than a dozen varieties of infused chocolates, as well as candy edibles such as mints and gummies.

Having started with just two people, Kiva now boasts a staff of over 100 employees that work to prepare and deliver premium edibles to dispensaries all across the country. Kiva’s superb edibles have won numerous awards and can be found on dispensary shelves in CA, AZ, NV, IL, and HI. You can nab yours at your favorite Sherman Oaks dispensary!

Delicious Edibles Made From Clean And Pure Cannabis

Kiva’s premium edibles are made from premium ingredients. Their commitment to producing clean, safe, and trustworthy cannabis products has led them to develop a strict lab-testing program for all of their products. Kiva test their edibles for pesticides, microbiological contaminants, residual solvents, heavy metals, and cannabinoids.

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Testing occurs at several stages of the edible production process. First, the cannabis plant matter is tested for pesticides and metals in order to determine their safety for use in the manufacturing of food products. Then, the resulting extracts are tested for contaminants, safety, and potency. Finally, each and every batch of Kiva’s edibles is tested in order to guarantee the safety and potency of the final product. All of Kiva’s edibles adhere to state-regulated testing protocols and each batch comes with a state-compliant certificate of analysis.

What is Kiva Cooking Up?

Kiva offers an extensive lineup of unique and savory edibles. Here are just a couple of our favorite Kiva products!

Kiva Bars

kiva 2

Kiva’s outstanding chocolate bars come in 12 different flavors and are available in various ratios of THC and CBD. Their Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar contains 100 mg of THC and was named ‘best edible’ at the 2013 LA and San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cups. Or, for a change of pace, check out their Ginger Dark Chocolate, a bar made from 100% cannabis plants grown naturally in California, containing 100 mg of both THC and CBD delivered in the form of a delicious ginger and chocolate concoction.

Petra Mints

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Available in 6 different flavors including Moroccan Mint and Saigon Cinnamon, Petra Mints are a cool and refreshing way to enjoy cannabis edibles. Containing only 2.5 mg of THC or CBD per mint, these candies are an excellent way to quickly and easily microse cannabis.

Come in today or check out our online menu in order to get your hands on some of Kiva’s amazing edibles right now!

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