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Using Cannabis for Wellness: How to Fight the Munchies

As any dedicated canna-seur knows, the munchies are real. (Scientists know it too, it turns out.) And most of the time, that’s not a big deal. After all, if you ask us, tearing into salty, sweet and crunchy treats while high is one of life’s great pleasures!

But when we’re trying to boost our health and wellness with cannabis, the munchies can be a bit of a distraction. So with that in mind, let’s look at a couple of strategies for taming them a wee bit (while continuing to get the very most we can out of our very favorite plant).

Fighting the Munchies: Choose Your Strain Wisely

As you’re well aware, THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the cannabis plant’s delightful euphoric high. Care to guess what else it’s responsible for? Uh-huh. The munchies are a direct side-effect of THC consumption, but there are a couple of ways to reduce the effect.

#1: Try High-CBD Strains

munchies 1

Yes, you’ll feel less high, but less urge to get crafty with a bag of Doritos, too. And if you’re looking to invigorate your exercise or fitness routine, there’s a great chance that you’ll fall in love with the clear-headed buzz that high-CBD strains—or edibles, tablets or even sprays—can impart.

#2: Seek out THCV

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Never heard of it? We don’t blame you. As you might guess, it’s a cousin of THC’s. And while it doesn’t produce quite the same sort of high as THC, at high doses it imparts a uniquely clear-headed stimulation. Better yet, it’s an appetite suppresant, meaning you can get about as far out as you want without worrying about ransacking your kitchen at 1am.

The problem is that it’s hard to find THCV in large quantities. Look to classic African sativas like Durban Poison or Red Congolese, or hybrids such as ACDC, Super Silver Haze, or Green Crack (aka Cush) should supply you with adequate amounts of THCV.

But the best way we know to curb the impulse to binge on fatty snacks is one of the oldest: Move your body!

Fighting the Munchies: Indulge In Some Exercise Instead!

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Let’s face it: 2020 was kind of a wash. Especially when it comes to public exercising—be it at yoga studios, gyms, kickboxing classes, or whatever bakes your cake—it hasn’t been the best time to breathe hard in a small room with a bunch of strangers.

Fortunately, we have options. We’ve written before about the great bike trails and attractions near our Sherman Oaks dispensary, but these days there are more options than ever to get yourself moving from the comfort of your own living room. From online yoga classes—many of them free—to apps that deliver general fitness routines, Nike-approved trainers, boxing workouts and more, there’s no excuse not to use this time to do some core building.

Or—for the truly adventurous souls among us—there’s always the Online Ninja Training Experience. You heard us right: It’s a 40-minute class designed to impart “the secrets of the ninja world.” You’ll want to stock up on some essential supplies before undertaking that particular adventure!

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