Opinion: Bring Back the Free Weed Giveaways

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Generally speaking, I am a fan of regulation in the cannabis industry. It seems like a sensible way to eliminate (or at least reduce) the criminal element, while also providing funds for the state that can be used for things like education. As a parent I encourage packaging requirements and the like. However, as with all regulation, when you take it too far you end up stomping out innovation and progress.

I understand we are in the infancy of some of these new regulations and things will change quickly and often in the next couple of years, but in my mind the first thing California needs to do is….


Of course there is blatant self-interest in my opinion, but it isn’t just about getting me free shit. It’s also about helping people discover the myriad applications of THC or CBD without having to fork out dollars on something you may not like.

The first time I smoked kief was thanks to a giveaway at The Higher Path, same thing with shatter. (I actually had to ask the budtender what to do with it.).  In fact…


(1) Shatter is NO JOKE!
(2) Kief sprinkled into a joint makes everything better.
(3) Terpenes turn me on! (It said that on a free shirt I got. I know, I know, they can still give out free shirts, but I have enough of those now.)
(4) You can never have enough lighters. Without those free ones I’d have less $$ to buy flower.
(5) The early bird gets the better free shit!

There are so many different products out there and so many novices just trying to figure it out. Why not allow vendors to distribute samples? If I had a great new product that I believed in I would want people to try it for free, knowing the quality will bring them back to buy it. Without letting people try these products, you encourage vendors to spend more on advertising or clever packaging instead of the product.

I’ve received prescription drug samples from my physician many times. Many of these drugs are far more dangerous than weed and yet they are handed out every day in doctor’s offices all over the country. I’m not talking about 1000mg Tylenol either. Drugs like Vicodin and Xanax have been overprescribed for years (with a strong push from their manufacturers to encourage doctors to recommend these products to patients).   I’m not saying cannabis can replace ALL of these potentially harmful pharmaceutical products–however, I AM saying there is no doubt it could reduce the dependence for many patients if they were simply offered the option of cannabis.

In a country where more than 50,000 people die of prescription drug overdoses every year, maybe even the doctors should be handing out free joints instead of free opioids.

I acknowledge that plan may take a little longer to get going but until then…


Thanks for reading.

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