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Plus Gummies Deliver Useful—and Delicious!—Doses of Cannabis Medicine

Edibles may be the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis industry right now, and no surprise why: They’re discreet, come in precisely measured doses, and—last but definitely not least—they’re really delicious, especially when they’re made with as much care as Plus Gummies (made by Plus Products).

These fun and squishy fruit drops come in three flavors—make that four, we’ll explain in a moment—and are formulated for different needs, depending on your goals. No matter their cannabinoid ratio, each variety of Plus Gummies delivers a precise 5mg dose of cannabis, making it easy to stay on track and get just the right amount of cannabis medicine you desire, and the assertive flavors tend to mask the “weedy” taste some may find distracting.

Plus Gummies: Sour Watermelon

Plus Gummies: Sour Watermelon

Let’s start with Sour Watermelon Sativa Gummies. Appearing in an appealing, sugar-dusted orange hue, these bright and flavorful little cubes are flat-out delicious, balancing watermelon’s cooling sweetness with a balanced hit of sourness. Each cube contains 5mg of sativa-dominant THC, making them a great option for daytime micro-dosing. Many fans find that taking one—or two!—tend to gently mellow out and uplift their day, or help spark a smooth and creative vibe. Each batch of low-calorie gummies is made from scratch with all-natural, gluten-free (and kosher!) ingredients, and infused with locally sourced, top-shelf flower.

Plus Gummies: Sour Blueberry

Plus Gummies: Sour Blueberry

Next up are Sour Blueberry Gummies, made from a sativa-indica hybrid for a more balanced effect. These deep blue cubes are certainly striking, and like Watermelon, balance their blast of berry sweetness with a nicely rounded hit of acid on the tongue (no silly, not THAT kind of acid on the tongue!). On a functional level they’re quite similar to Watermelon Plus Gummies in that they deliver 5mg of pure THC, but the slight lean towards indica gives them a more perceptible “body-leaning” and relaxing buzz than the indica-dominant Watermelon. Again, they’re made with all-natural, gluten-free and kosher ingredients.

Plus Gummies: Blackberry and Lemon

Plus Gummies: Blackberry and Lemon

The last variety of Plus Gummies is a twofer (hence those four flavors we referenced earlier). Each tin of Blackberry & Lemon Indica Gummies contains half of each, giving you a little bit of fun with the selection process. No matter the flavor, each of these fun little cubes delivers a precise dose of 4.5mg THC and .5mg CBD to equal a 9 – 1 THC / CBD ratio. Many fans like taking one or two of these at bedtime to fight insomnia or give relief to tired muscles; the inclusion of CBD often makes for a balanced, relaxing and overall happy effect. Like all the other Plus Gummies, these are infused with top-shelf flower and made with all-natural, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients.

If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of all the Plus Gummies products. They’re delicious, attractively packaged, and come in reliable—and genuinely useful—doses and formulations. Some words of advice, however. Consider storing these in your refrigerator, as they can tend to get a bit sticky at higher than room temperatures. And as with all cannabis-infused edibles, be sure to keep these stored safely away from minors, who may confuse them with regular candies.

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