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Most vape pens aren’t what I would characterize as “smooth”.  The dose pen™by dosist is the exception.

My knowledgeable budtender Wyatt told me the dosist pens are calibrated more accurately for THC and thus deliver a much “softer” hit. He was right, as I’ve never coughed once while using this pen–even after multiple hits.

I’ve used cannabis as a sleep aid for quite some time, so this was a product I was eager to try. When it comes to delivering on the promise of sleep, the dosist sleep dose pen is a home run. If I’m having trouble getting to sleep, two or three hits works every time.In fact, the pen works so well that I wouldn’t recommend it for any other uses. This is a very specific and targeted use device and it delivers on its promise. (Definitely NOT recommended for daytime use–unless you work nights and need to sleep during the day.)The 50-dose pen is available for $56 (before tax), but if you are a bargain hunter like me the 200-dose pen is only $140* (before tax) and definitely worth the cost.

(*Bargain Hunter’s Tip– Come in on Wax Wednesday when all concentrates are 10% off–including vape pens and cartridges!)

The number of “doses” (50 or 200) is how many hits you can take before the pen runs out of oil. Since the pen buzzes to let you know when you’ve taken one “dose”, this number tends to be pretty accurate in comparison to other vapes that only seem to be able to give you a general range of how many hits you can expect to enjoy.

dosist™ also makes dose pens for – relief, calm, bliss, arouse and passion.

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