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I tend to prefer flower to edibles whenever possible, but there are many situations where smoking isn’t an option. In those circumstances, PLUS Gummies offer an excellent alternative. The Higher Path currently offers three 100 mg options of PLUS Gummies: Sour Watermelon (Sativa), Blackberry & Lemon (Indica/CBD) and the newest flavor Sour Blueberry (Hybrid).

There are 20 gummies per container, which allows for easy dosing. Unlike some tablets I have used, these gummies are obviously simple to split if you are looking for even less than 5 mg.

The Sour Watermelon Sativa are great for daytime use. One gummy is enough to add just a little bit of a lift to get you through whatever it is you need to get done.

I took the Blackberry & Lemon Indica/CBD gummies to help wind down at night and I found that two gummies does the trick without knocking you out.

Both varieties tasted great, the bright fruit flavors do a good job of masking that “weedy” taste some people don’t like. The Indica/CBD gummies actually come with 10 blackberry and 10 lemon, so you’ve got options there and they also go nicely together. If it were up to me, I would actually skip the sugar they have coating all of the gummies, but that might just be because I have so many cavities. BRUSH YOUR TEETH EVERYONE!

One of the things I like about gummies in general is that you can dissolve them easily under your tongue, letting the THC get into your system a little quicker than it would if you just swallowed them. I felt the effects after about an hour (in my case I usually start humming to myself when the buzz is coming on.)

PLUS Gummies are a great value as well. Each tin of 20 gummies is only $23 at The Higher Path (plus taxes, etc.)

(Bargain hunters tip: Every Tuesday is “Tasty Tuesday” where you can get 10% off of ALL edibles.)

I also would recommend storing these in your refrigerator, as they tend to get pretty sticky if they are any warmer than room temperature.

Interested in learning more about PLUS Gummies or edibles in general?

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