Rosin Pressing: Why should I do it?

Rosin is the newest method used for extracting cannabis wax. It is a solventless method that has recently become extremely popular in the cannabis community. The reason people are flocking to this new concentrate style is due to its solventless and clean method during its extraction process. Old practices require heavy duty machinery along with techniques that use light hydrocarbons such as butane and/or propane which usually change the flavor as well as leave unwanted chemical residuals that can mostly, but not entirely be removed using vacuum ovens. For these reasons, it’s no wonder this new solventless technique is taking rise.

If you are curious about rosin pressing, our store requires a minimum of 2 grams of flower per press and a maximum of 4 grams per press. Every introductory press is complimentary, followed by a $5 charge on your following presses for using any in house strains or a $10 charge for any flower purchased outside of the store. The process starts with us grinding your cannabis to open up the trichomes and then pressing it into a puck without the use of heat, so that it can easily be placed into a small 90/120 micron sized bag. The micron is a unit of measurement that refers to the size of the holes on the bag that allow the terpene and cannabinoid oils to squeeze out and separate from the cannabis plant. Once we have placed the unheated puck into a micron bag, the bag is placed inside of a folded sheet of parchment paper. We then place this folded sheet of parchment paper in between two plates that run a heat range of about 190F-200F; this temperature range has carefully been selected so as to not degrade any cannabinoids and terpenes that were in the original structure. Your cannabis is then pressed for a specific amount of time selected by your rosin press technician. The moment the heat and pressure come into contact with the parchment paper you should be able to see a golden oil consistency pool around the plates; this is your rosin. Your end result should be a clear golden sap, free of any dangerous chemicals and ready to be used as soon as possible. You can easily pick up your rosin off the parchment paper with a dab tool, ready for medicating.

Do you have more questions about rosin pressing? Join us on Tuesday June 13th from 1:00-3:30pm for a Rosin Pressing Demo Day with our resident rosin expert Mason! (All rosin pressing will be FREE during this time!)

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