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Sex and Cannabis

Cannabis is reaching a higher volume of respect and acknowledgement in many medical fields. The cannabinoids in the therapeutic flower have started to replace many over the counter and prescribed medications such as opioids, acetaminophen (Tylenol) and alprazolam (Xanax). So it begs the question, how does cannabis measure up against sexual enhancing drugs that many rely on? And what part of the plant is going to determine and alter your mood?

Does cannabis promote libido?

According to an article called “The Largest Best Studies Yet on Sex and Marijuana” written by Michael Castle M.A., a journalist who has been writing about sexuality and sex research for over 36 years “around two thirds of people call cannabis sex enhancing. This group generally says the drug increases their enjoyment of sensual pleasure and helps them focus intently on their partner.” And on the other hand “20 percent call it sex-killing, saying the drug makes them withdraw from their partner into themselves.” Castle goes on to highlight what I believe is the most important factor to consider, “around 15 percent say marijuana’s sexual effects depend on other factors. The strain (sativa/ indica), their mood and their feeling for the other person.” The data Michael was sourcing came from several studies at St. Louis University, but also greatly from Stanford research that underwent the “largest study to date” collecting data from a three installment testing in 2002, 2006-2010 and 2011-2015. This study included 28,176 women and 22,943 men. Many studies including the one ran by Stanford show 20% more sexual activity with couples who consume than with those that don’t. So the trend seems to be a positive one when it comes to sex and cannabis. But to truly figure out if cannabis is sexually stimulating, I believe we have to look at the flower at a different angle.

The key is terpenes

Probably the first question a budtender will ask when purchasing flower is “sativa or indica?” What we consumers need to focus on is the terpenes that are found in cannabis. Yes, terpenes. Leafly has a great and quick definition to refresh our memory on what terpenes are. “Terpenes are aromatic oils that color cannabis varieties with distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant and every strain tends toward a unique terpene composition.” Leafly goes on to say, “Each individual terpene is associated with unique effects. Some promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity.

Knowing that it is the terpenes that give us an indica or sativa vibe, this leads me to believe that they will play a primary role in our sense of affection. Is it the terpenes that create an enhanced sexual drive or in some cases a relaxed, calm cuddle sesh, both resulting in stimulating contact with a significant other? Smoking Durban Poison which contains pinene and limonene in certain cases could cause an increase of anxiety, but for others it can create an energetic sexual experience.


Or to those enticed by a more relaxing and mellow mood, strains like Skywalker OG or anything with “purple” in the name that contain a high myrcene content will be a better fit. There is no set strain that can be recommended every time, because we are all wired uniquely and contain different sensitivities in our endocannabinoid systems. You know your body best, so like tasting fine wines you will have to try and experiment with different strains to find your acquired taste. In my pursuit to find my go to strain I found that being a high anxiety person that sativa strains are better for me to relax—in a sense the alert and energetic properties almost cancel out my naturally energetic and highly anxious persona. The mellow and calming effects of indica strains create more anxiety for me, maybe because the way they slow down and sedate the body it puts me in an uncomfortable state of mind


As cannabis continues to be studied, no information is more important than what we hear from the consumers. What strains tend to give sexual stimulation? And what terpenes make up this strain? These are the questions that can lead us to find the key to our sexual pursuit in the herbal world.

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Greetings comrades, I go by @scareyjones–I’m a freelance writer and budtender at The Higher Path. I also indulge in music and poetry of all kinds. I am as unbiased as they come, my task is to seek the truth through research and investigation. I try to retain a very logical standpoint, while giving the story a blend of relatability.

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