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Below is a list of brands that are self-identified social equity & community brands and allies working together to shine a spotlight on underrepresented members of the cannabis community.
Ball Family Farms

Big brother of the Ball family, was a sports star and loved cannabis. When he started using cannabis the sports world looked at him differently and he chose to quit his sports career and step into the cannabis industry to flip the narrative This brand IS Social Equity Licensed! Fully family-owned, no outside employees. Fun facts!

● Ball family Farms runs a compassion program called Hugs and Nugs where they supply free medical cannabis to veterans and those in need
● They are fully family owned
● This is a great choice if you are looking for a variety of flower options and uniquely named strains... also if you're a fan of The Last Dragon like we are. 
Kingston Royal

With a noteworthy career in the craft of cannabis cultivation for over 15 years, we have established ourselves as one of the frontrunners in the industry. our founder and president, Ron Brandon, is an ex-professional NFL and CFL footballer and multi-talented musician and artist, who became interested in cannabis as a pain management alternative after his retirement from football. as a natural thought leader, ron approaches kingston royal as a visionary with a deep appreciation for the art of cultivation. with the understanding that, just as every artwork is different, so too is every harvest, Ron has developed a brand that showcases a fine-tuned artisanal retail flower, ensuring that the industry continues to evolve and flourish.

● Kingston Royal is original and artisanal grown cannabis options
● Offers their flower in ounces
● Purchasing Kingston royal is a great way to support an ex NFL & CFL player trying to change the stigma against cannabis

Founded on the American spirit of entrepreneurship. Our goal at Presidential is to combine organically grown cannabis with cutting-edge, science & technology to create the safest most reliable, and innovative products on the market. We have proven that great entrepreneurs and teams are made through experiences, hard work, and inspiration.

Fun facts!
● Presidential has been called “the worlds strongest infused pre-roll“

Viola is a premium cannabis brand with the largest Black-owned cannabis footprint in the industry, rooted in building social equity for the black and brown communities. VIOLA was established in 2011 by 16-year NBA veteran, Al Harrington. His inspiration for starting the company came from Al’s grandmother, who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes. After some convincing from Al, she reluctantly agreed to try cannabis for her pain and immediately found relief. Inspired, Al was moved to enter the cannabis space and named his company VIOLA, after his grandmother. Since then, VIOLA has expanded into various markets across the country, offering communities premium products driven by purpose.

Fun facts!  
● Viola's mission is to increase equity within the cannabis space and positively impact communities by reinvesting into those most affected by the war on drugs.
● Is the first black-owned multinational cannabis company.
Pure Beauty

We are very aware of the historical injustices in this industry and understand the responsibility we all have. We will use our voice and our community and our weed to try and keep this industry real. And diverse. And fair. We donate a portion of our proceeds to fund programming for current and post incarcerated populations. Though we know there is still way more to do and we are committed to being part of the solution. Pure Beauty is female and minority-owned.

Fun facts!
● Pure Beauty Huge on sustainability with growing and packaging - All of the water used in our cultivation is collected from the air, we pull no water from the California tap.

Chula aims to celebrate Latina culture through cannabis. The word Chula is Spanish slang for cute or a beautiful woman. To us, it applies to the beauty and respect we have for the female cannabis plant. The Chula brand was efforted by Jenny Montenegro, Chief Operating Officer at Lowell Farms. Jenny knew it was important to provide diversity within the portfolio and the industry by creating a brand that commemorates the vibrant Latina culture, one that represents her own Mexican roots and is inspired by the overall Latina culture throughout California. The brand was developed in partnership with Jenny and the Lowell Farms team, which is a largely Latino community, to help[ ensure the brand essence and tone was authentically represented. If you identify as Latino, Latina, Latinx, Latine, we celebrate and welcome you!

Fun facts!
● Chula offers more bang for your buck! They make buying in bulk easy.
● Chula is a Lowell Farms collaboration
● They have a strain called Rico Suave, need we say more?
Product of Los Angeles

Our founders wanted to do something epic that would embrace their Mexican traditions and love of delicious desserts, candies, and mouth-watering drinks. POLA was born from the joy of candies from the piñata, the joy of cuddling up at home with pan dulce & hot chocolate, and from the joy of eating street tacos with a freshly made agua fresca.
El Blunto

El Blunto is an evolution of historic cigar-making tradition. Borrowing age-old techniques from master cigar-rollers, we create products of the highest caliber with the highest level of finishing. Our flower is grown in-house and sourced from other award-winning cultivators throughout California. Our state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Fun facts! ● El Blunto blunts are wrapped in 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp, cured for 72- hour

● It's a pre-rolled blunt, with infused options. Need we say more?
● If you are looking for a strong infused option, this is for you.

Dreamt is a brand processed by Ciena Labs which is a Los Angeles-based house of cannabis brands designed to address common health problems. They are a Female and Minority-owned company. Their scientific sleep formula was created by Vazquez Mitchell, a female Latina immigrant.

Fun facts!
● Dreamt products include THC, Valerian root, L-thenian, GABA, Melatonin.
● THC assists in falling asleep added melatonin help the staying asleep.

LUCHADOR was created by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Ciencia Labs. Originally from Guadalajara, Carolina has created more than 60 cannabis products, including dreamt, the award-winning cannabis for sleep. She has been a featured expert in Rolling Stone and is the Science Editor for mg magazine.
Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak is an Oakland and San Diego, California-based indoor farm of pesticide-free, premium cannabis flower. Launched as a fully-licensed and legal state operation in 2017, our master growers have a combined 30 years of cannabis growing and operational experience and knowledge. Along with our expertise, our state-of-the-art growing facilities and superior genetic strains enable us to produce California’s finest quality cannabis. Grizzly Peak gives recreational and medical users the ultimate cannabis flower experience.

● Any Grateful Dead fans out there? Check out the collab products they did with Grizzly peak! Has a great quality collab with The Grateful Dead
Local Cannabis Co.

This Asian-owned company that local cannabis is sourced from was founded by four Asian/Pacific Islander friends who have deep roots in the global equities market and at first they just invested in a cannabis grown and once they started to learn about the wonderful medicinal effects that cannabis has to offer they partnered with an oncologist and formed the brand Calyx that grows Local cannabis flower.

Fun facts!
● Ready the applause, their flower has won the emerald cup multiple times.
● Local Cannabis Co. grows their flower with both lights and the sun.
Kin Slips

Kin Slips was founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs hell bent on reimagining cannabis and developing the most efficient products possible. Our commitment to providing the best cannabis experience began with our sublingual strips—a revolutionary infused product that is discreet, reliable, all-natural, and that heightens the way cannabis is used in everyday life. Beyond the quality of our product, we intend to inspire trust in the science and benefits of cannabis through meaningful conversations and education at the community level.

Fun facts!
● Kin Slips are a vegan and low cal ingestible option. 
● Searching for a fast-acting, discreet low-cal option? This product is for you!

At Potli, we believe that food is medicine, and that cannabis and foods that help you feel better can bring people together in a really magical way. Our founder, Fel, is a third generation Chinese & Taiwanese sauce and spice maker, and created this company with intention! She infused cannabis into honey her dad harvested from their backyard as a way to help her mom with her allergies & asthma. To this day, all of our honey is still harvested from her parent's beehives in Nor Cal (now there are over 50)!

Potli is bringing cannabis to the kitchen by infusing sun-grown cannabis from the iconic Emerald Triangle into all of our products. All of our functional ingredients are sourced with sincere intention from our very own backyard in California, and our only wish is that these craftsman kitchen staples make it into your daily rituals and routines. We celebrate our Asian heritage with our sriracha & shrimp chips, and take great pride in our honeys and olive oils too. Our Emerald Cup winning CBN Dream Honey has one of the highest concentrations of CBN on the market, and is great on ice cream or mixed into tea before bedtime! Our Sriracha is also an Emerald Cup winner, and it's nano-emulsified to bring you joy & relief in under 15 minutes.

Today, we are a proudly diverse team of international women! From South Korea, Spain, Los Angeles, to the Bay Area, our team of women and allies help make this dream a reality. Potli believes that representation matters, especially in the cannabis industry where too many have been adversely affected by the War on Drugs. We are a proud Certified Equity Trade company, demonstrating our commitment to social justice and equality, and meaning that our products are ethically sourced and manufactured too! We are a tiny but mighty company that is proud to be partnered with retailers like The Higher Path who sincerely CARE, and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity to be showcased this month :)

Fun facts!
● Potli is one of the only cannabis companies that has Shrimp chips!

Since 2015, VETCBD has been committed to helping all lives thrive. Founded, formulated, and operated by cannabis industry pioneer, Dr. Tim Shu, he and the VETCBD team are dedicated to promoting the education, research, and advocacy of the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis.

Founded by an Asian American woman who wanted to create a socially conscious cannabis brand while also providing quality products. Involved in many organizations including the Last Prisoners Project.
STIIIZY is known as an innovative, award-winning, California-based cannabis brand. Founded in 2017 as a pioneering vape company, STIIIZY evolved into so much more. Today, STIIIZY has become one of the world's most treasured cannabis brands with its class defining retail stores and amazing cannabis products Always innovating, always inspiring, always influencing: that's us. Let's take it to new heights. Stay STIIIZY.

Fun facts!
● Stiiizy has the same strains in different product varieties (flower, concentrate, vape).
● Stiiizys Owner is a veteran who suffered from PTSD.
Farmer and the Felon ● Social Justice

One of the co-founders did 6.5 years in prison for cannabis. The other is a cannabis farmer with over a decade of experience... At Farmer and the FelonTM, we're determined to preserve the countercultural history of the prohibition era while advocating for social justice for the cannabis prisoners in the here-and-now. As industry veterans dedicated to cannabis freedom, we aren’t interested in being just another weed brand. We are, Cannabis for Change.TM

● Purchasing Farm and the Felon is supporting The Last Prisoner Project
● Farmer and the Felon offers bulk quantities and smalls of flower

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