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The Cannabis Activity Permits and Regulation Initiative: What IS it?

The Cannabis Activity Permits and Regulation Initiative is an ordinance co-authored by the UCBA Trade Association, which includes more than 45 medical marijuana dispensaries that have been operating under limited immunity from Proposition D, and the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 labor union. This initiative is a part of the Los Angeles Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, and is designed to set up a permitting process for marijuana that can be tailored by the LA City Council to address local needs and be in compliance with California state laws. This initiative is designed to give the city more flexibility to allow other types of marijuana businesses to operate in LA, including cultivators and manufacturers.

The importance of passing this ordinance cannot be understated. Here at The Higher Path we have always believed in providing the absolute best, lab tested, cleanest medicine we can, but now we have the ability to take that same philosophy and apply it as standard practice within LA. Developing the regulatory framework to permit dispensaries, cultivation and manufacturing will provide the massive and ever growing marijuana industry within LA the respectability and accountability that patients so rightly deserve. Instead of floundering within a legally grey market that endangers the health of MMJ patients, we finally have the opportunity to develop safe transparent access to medicine.

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