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The Higher Path Brand Offers Affordable, Quality Buds In-House

The Higher Path Brand Products

What is The Higher Path’s best, everlasting deal? We’re glad you asked. Our very own house pre-rolls and bud. The Higher Path brand is becoming synonymous with affordable quality, and we love that!

The Higher Path Prerolls Packs

1. Infused with Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the many forms THC-a extracts come in. They’re little crystals that quite literally look like diamonds, except you can smoke them. Diamonds are traditionally dabbed, but just like any other extract, you can add them to a pre-roll to increase your joint’s potency.

Our pre-rolls are infused with Live-Resin Diamonds, giving you a stronger and fresher smoke. These infused pre-rolls come in a 6-pack of 0.5g each. The THC content runs at about 30%. We recommend these infused pre-rolls to anyone looking for a product higher in THC content, for an affordable price.

2. Non-infused

As the name implies, these pre-rolls just contain flower. They are lower in THC relative to our infused pre-rolls. We invite our patients to enjoy a calm smoke with these low-THC joints. They generally test at around 17% THC. Some of our most popular strains include Sundae Driver, Runtz, and The Soap. It’s important to know that we always aim to hold a variety of strains for any house pre-rolls. We offer a choice between Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica strains.


$6 Prerolls By The Higher Path Brand

These are our most affordable pre-rolls in-house, period. At a whopping $6, you get a full gram of quality flower already rolled in a beautiful cone, ready to be lit on the go. These are our famous “Dollar J’s”. What are some of the many ways to get a $1 J?

● Come shop with any Higher Path gear. Your first time shopping with us you receive a free THP shirt. When you wear that in-shop, you automatically get a Dollar J on every purchase. We also include a dollar joint when you wear any THP merch (hat, mask, beanie).

● Dollar Joint Friday. On Fridays, with any purchase, you can get a $1 J.

● Write us a review! When you write us a review on Facebook, Weedmaps, Leafly, or even Google! Next time you come in, show us your review and we’ll get you what you worked hard for.

● Early Bird Special. When you come between 8am and 10am, any day of the week, you can get a Dollar J added to your bag.

$8 Premium Prerolls, To Kick It Up a Notch

If you’re looking for a superior house preroll, take a toke from one of our premium prerolls. Testing higher in THC at around 23%, our premium pre-rolls are for patients looking for an affordable smoke for an exclusive high.


Higher Path Brand Grams and Half Ounces

If you’re one to roll your own or simply smoke out of a piece or bong, we have our house bud available in grams and half-ounces. Our 1 gram ($8) comes in full bud, whereas our 1⁄2 ounce ($55) is already ground.

Don’t forget about our Happy Hour deal from 4pm-6pm. With the purchase of any eighth, you can also get a Higher Path gram for a dollar!






Cobra Bites, a Higher Path Brand

Cobra Bites The Higher Path

Cobra Bites flower tests from 20-25% THC, making it ideal for smokers with a low to medium tolerance. We price our home-grown flower to make them affordable. Cobra packs bite-sized buds, which make them great for easy grinding and rolling. The terpenes vary per strain, so you can always count on feeling something different with our selection of strains. Our flower is notorious for its great taste and smooth smoke.

Cobra flower comes in several proportions. We have grams, eighths, quarters, and ounces. Our full ounces run for $99, making them the most affordable flower in the shop.






Order for curbside or in-store pickup, or delivery, and get some of the best budget buds you can find in SoCal. That’s a promise. Quality cannabis at affordable pricing.

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