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Hard Hitting: What Makes Vape Cartridges Great

Vaping is becoming ubiquitous and its usefulness for easily dosing cannabis is well known. If you’ve visited us lately, you’ve probably noticed that alongside top-shelf flower, we carry high-quality vape cartridges featuring cannabis oil from a variety of popular strains. So why are vape cartridges so popular? Here’s what you should know the next time you’re considering purchasing a cartridge of oil.

Vape Cartridges Make for Discreet Use

While edibles can be the most discreet method of dosing cannabis owing to their lack of odor and smokeless intake, vaping lodges a close second place. Smoking from a joint or pipe is pretty obvious. If you’re looking for a discreet consumption method that will help you quickly feel the effects of your chosen strain, then vaping is perfect.

woman using vape cartridge

Not only is using a vape pen easy, but the smoke it produces doesn’t have the strong odor you’d get from lighting up a pipe or bong. This means that after a couple of puffs, your clothes and hair won’t give you away. For medical users or those who just prefer to keep their recreational habits under wraps, this can be extremely beneficial.

In addition, it’s easier to carry around a vape than it is to carry a pipe. Vape pens are about the same size a typical writing instrument and are less fragile than glass chillums or less messy than a bowl.


Recent research shows that vaping cannabis probably delivers more potency than just smoking cannabis flower. While there is still more information to be uncovered about the properties of cannabis vape, this enhanced effectiveness has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of money spent on cannabis — for those who use cannabis to relieve chronic conditions, this can be a godsend.

cash next to vape cartridge

Multiple Flavors

Just like flower comes in a variety of strains that have been bred to highlight different characteristics, the oil in your favorite vapes have been derived from those terpene-rich buds to produce some great tasting vapes. To ensure that patients and customers can get the effects they want, The Higher Path carries a wide assortment of vape cartridges. Our vape cartridges feature different THC potency and a great variety of strains so you can find one that works best for you. In addition, some vape cartridges are formulated to elicit certain effects. For example, some vapes aim to help you relax, while others are all about energy or focus. These special blends will still share their potency information, so be sure to read all labeling carefully!

vape cartridges

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We’ll help you choose from our amazing menu. We carry Pure Vape, Heavy Hitter, and Alpine vape cartridges, as well as everything you need to get vaping right away. Whether you’re looking for a great disposable pen or a cartridge and a battery, The Higher Path has all the high-quality cannabis and CBD goods you need!

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