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Where Can Homeless Patients Legally Medicate?

While cannabis is medically legal in many states, there are still stringent requirements for exactly where individuals can medicate.

Bill number SB420 section 11362.79. states the following:

113.62.79. Nothing in this article shall authorize a qualified patient or person with an identification card to engage in the smoking of medical marijuana under any of the following circumstances:
 (a) In any place where smoking is prohibited by law.
 (b) In or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation center, or youth center, unless the medical use occurs within a residence.
 (c) On a school bus.
 (d) While in a motor vehicle that is being operated.
 (e) While operating a boat.

Currently, it is a rather arduous task to find a place to smoke in, legally, outside of your home that is over 1,000 feet away from a school, recreation center or youth center. Vehicles aren’t an option either–keep in mind driving under the influence is also illegal so don’t try to finish smoking in a stopped vehicle and then drive. Yes, you technically would be smoking in a non-operating vehicle, but a police officer would most likely not approve and fine you with driving under the influence. Having access to the internet and having difficulty finding “any place where smoking is [not] prohibited by law” has proved to be trying. So, let’s imagine for one second that we are in an unfortunate state with no place to call home; smoking outdoors would be a challenge. The only way to not get in trouble? Don’t get caught.

Fortunately, in the realm of cannabis, there are other alternatives to smoking. In conclusion because SB420 only focuses on the illegality of smoking in public and never mentions the illegality of consumption of edibles or other alternatives to smoking, the homeless do have the option to medicate with edibles or transdermal patches as a substitute to smoking.

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