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Ultimate Relaxation: Yoga and Meditation While High

One of the most commonly cited reasons for using cannabis involves the desire for relaxation, as the chemical compounds within cannabis work to promote euphoria and settle the body into a restful mood. However, combining cannabis with other tried and true methods of relaxation can enhance their effectiveness, bringing an individual into a centered state of mind. Here is everything you should know before attempting to mix THC with yoga and meditation.

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

As methods of attaining mental clarity, both yoga and meditation are well-known as practices that can be undertaken to achieve a calm and clear psychological state. In particular, performing a simple yoga routine in the morning has a reputation for helping to improve circulation in the body, allowing for easier blood-flow and a general feeling of alertness that permeates the day.

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Likewise, meditating for a short period of time each day can have pronounced effects on an individual’s mood and outlook. While there are many different ways of practicing meditation, taking time to develop bodily awareness and clear the mind of negative thoughts is a potent means of reducing stress and anxiety.

Yoga and Meditation While High

While the modern state of legalization has created a culture of cannabis yoga enthusiasts, yoga and marijuana have been combined dating back thousands of years. Ancient Vedic texts mention the use of cannabis as a sacred plant in religious practices, and other legends feature cannabis as a spiritual gateway.

The use of cannabis during yoga and meditation may not be for everyone, but for many individuals, taking a low dose of cannabis before your morning routine can help to achieve clarity and focus. For taking a low dose of cannabis, the simplest method is perhaps to only inhale a small amount of smoke, or to purchase a low-THC strain. Cannabis beverages such as infused coffee or tea are known to be relatively mild, though, leaving in their wake only a comfortable buzz.

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As cannabis affects each person differently, generalizing about the impact of cannabis use on yoga and meditation is difficult. However, individuals have reported experiencing a greater sense of inner peace and connection to the practice of yoga, as a cannabis high has a tendency to invoke deep reflection and mindfulness.

Strains for Yoga and Meditation

Though the practice has many proponents, there is controversy about which varieties of cannabis are best-suited for yoga and meditation. In reality, the results will be different for each individual, and some experimentation may be required to learn exactly which strain of cannabis best applies to your routine.

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Indica strains are typically known to be more restful than their sativa counterparts, which may suit those who prefer yoga and meditation before bed. Meanwhile, sativas often provoke a light and bubbly mood conducive for performing their routine in the early hours of the morning.

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