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The Farmer and the Felon is a South California cannabis brand that works hard to keep the spirit of cannabis counter-culture alive. In a nod to the complex and oppressive history of cannabis in America, their sun-grown cannabis is packaged in an eye-catching bright orange bag that is reminiscent of a prison jumpsuit. These guys don’t just sell amazing cannabis, they use their proceeds to give back to the “felons” that paved the way for them as cultivators and distributors. 

Accessible Cannabis

The Farmer and the Felon work hard to provide the public with high-quality cannabis at affordable prices. Their buds are sourced directly from California farmers and are carefully selected for flavor, potency, and cure quality. Each bag is loaded with sparkling, tantalizing nugs that are packed with a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The Farmer and the Felon feature a diverse array of strains in various forms. You can find their cannabis packaged in their iconic orange eighth bags, in smaller bags loaded with tiny buds, in plus-sized quarter-ounce bags, and in pre-roll form. Whichever you choose, you can expect incredible value on high-quality cannabis being sold at below-average prices. 

Unique Stories, Unique Products

The Farmer and the Felon is a brand that gets its unique name from the stories of its two founders: Ned (the farmer) and Dennis (the felon).

After making the move from Massachusetts to California in 2007, Ned went on to establish one of the largest cultivation networks in California. Since then, Ned has been working tirelessly to promote sustainable and organic cannabis farming practices all across the state.

Dennis is a California native that taught himself how to cultivate cannabis as a teenager, eventually turning his passion into his profession. However, Dennis’s sophisticated and large-scale growing operation eventually caught the eyes of authorities, leading to his arrest in 1998. At the time, this was California’s largest cannabis bust ever! After serving 6 years in prison, Dennis began working on legalizing his cannabis operations for the California market. After meeting Ned, the two went on to launch a number of cannabis brands, including The Farmer and the Felon.  

Cannabis For The Cause

The Farmer and the Felon are committed to working as advocates and philanthropists for those incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes. The brand works with The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit group of cannabis leaders, executives, and advocates that aims to bring restorative justice to the cannabis industry. Since its launch, The Farmer and the Felon have donated over $30,000 to the cause.

You can find this brand and more at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Check out our menu to see what’s in stock. 

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