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These are exclusive deals to our text loyalty customers, so you show the deal or say it to your budtender at checkout to redeem. Go to thp.la/text to sign up!
Try It Thursday is a great time for you to take advantage of a special new product The Higher Path has to offer, or just something YOU haven’t tried before! We currently offer a $1 menu for folks to try out new products.
Since we're already doing 10% off CBD and delivering on Sundays, we figured why not make it a Sunday Funday? 10% off all flower 1/8ths up to the legal limit for recreational or medical. 

Live Chat with a budtender to determine the right strain for your needs!
Whether you buy one or many, edibles are all 10% off every Tuesday! New to edibles? We suggest you try some singles to start small and see how you like them! CBD edibles do not count (those are discounted on Sundays).
Add a THP house preroll to your order for just $1 with any donation! (Limit 1, while supplies last) We usually have a healthy rotation of strain options, but they do vary!
10% off CBD products! (Includes flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures & topicals where the ratio is CBD-dominant. 1:1 does not apply). CBD is known for its anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effects, and has been helpful for treating a number of ailments. Ask your doctor about the enormous benefits of CBD!

The CBD sold here is not hemp, like you see in CBD shops or sold online. This is from a different kind of plant, closer to the THC plants, so the benefits are different.
10% off concentrates! (Includes cartridges) If you’ve never tried dabbing before, this is a great day to grab a deal and try it out. Get more bang for your buck.
Saturdays mean sweet deals on flower brands! Tune in weekly as they change, but there will always be a flower special on Saturdays! Right now it's 10% off all prerolls and preroll packs!

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