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Do You Know Your Cannabis Test Results?

Do you know what’s in your cannabis? It’s not always easy to tell. It would be nice if things like toxins, molds, and microorganisms where visible to the naked eye, but that’s not the case. And what about the potency and cannabinoid profile? From getting the correct dosage to avoiding toxic residues, everyone has the right to know exactly what they are putting in their body when they consume cannabis products. Here’s how cannabis test results can ensure that you are getting quality cannabis.

Cannabis Test Results: Testing for Product Potency

You need to know the potency of the cannabis products you consume, especially when trying to figure out dosing. Every consumer will have a different experience with a strain of cannabis because we all have unique biology. One person might find that a high amount of THC makes them feel productive, while another person might get sleepy. Learning how cannabinoids affect you and making your choice based on potency will give you control of your cannabis experience.

cannabis test researcher inspecting flower

Before we had lab testing, cannabis consumers would make choices based on the strain and the indica/sativa classification. But that’s not always the best way to gauge how it will make you feel. In fact, you might enjoy a particular strain of cannabis form one cultivator but have a totally different experience you buy it from another.


Because many environmental factors go into growing cannabis. The potency can be affected by things like curing, growing methods, soil, and how the plant’s trichomes develop. These variations can make it difficult to anticipate how a strain from different cultivators will make you feel.

cannabis test bud in vials

Potency testing gives you more certainty by letting you know the amounts of cannabinoids like THC and CBD that are in a product. Testing also provides you with the terpene profile of a product, so you can make sure your choice will give you the experience you’re looking for.

Testing for Health and Safety

Cannabis and hemp plants have a fantastic soil cleaning ability, known as dynamic accumulation. This means that they can soak-up things like toxic heavy metals from the soil, acting as an environmental mopping tool. That’s great when you want to deal with contaminated soil, but not so great if you are growing cannabis for human consumption. This is one of the reasons safety testing is a must.

More potential danger comes with the use of things like pesticides and solvents, which can be toxic if consumed in large amounts. You also want to avoid any fungus and mold that can contaminate cannabis and cause problems for people with a compromised immune system, allergies, or asthma.

cannabis test inspection

Regulatory agencies have put limits on things like pesticides, metals, mycotoxins, solvent residues, and microbes, to keep everyone safe. Cannabis testing lets you know your products are free form unhealthy contaminants so that you can enjoy cannabis with peace of mind.

So, what’s in your cannabis?

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