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Home Entertainment: Easy DIY Activities to Keep You Busy

Stay-at-home orders mean more time at home for many of us. While essential workers are still doing the rounds (thank you!), many of us are quarantined at home in hopes of easing the strain this pandemic is causing on our health system. Because we aren’t used to social distancing and other isolating protocols, though, many of us are feeling restless and anxious. Developing a strategy for dealing with these issues is crucial so that we maintain our mental health while riding out this storm. While cannabis can help to pass the time, keeping the mind engaged contributes greatly to our sense of wellbeing and happiness. To help you stay preoccupied and free from cabin fever, we’ve selected some easy DIY activities that offer something for everyone to enjoy.


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Binge-watching has become the quintessential “at home alone” activity, and in the age of recreational legalization, it’s only gotten better. The options for streaming are more expansive than ever before, with not only heavy hitters like Netflix available but a multitude of new and unique streaming services that aim to cater to specific niches, like foreign television.

Shows and movies that become hits on Netflix are increasingly woven into the fabric of mainstream culture, and experiencing viral sensations with others as they emerge is now a core part of the entertainment. Recently, for example, Netflix’s Tiger King took social media by storm, instantly transforming its stars into celebrities.

Want to up your film game? Why not try the Criterion Channel to watch some of the best films the industry has produced?

Arts and Crafts

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When stuck inside, the mind tends to be more creative than ever before in seeking ways to keep itself occupied. To that end, one of the best indoor activities can be engaging in some classic arts and crafts. While “arts and crafts” may seem like a traditional endeavor for children, a little creativity can result in the creation of useful home goods and decorations capable of lasting a lifetime.

A simple search on Google for easy DIY crafts will bring up an extensive catalog of activities for you to complete at home. From paper mache flowers to custom picture frames, the Internet holds an abundant world of stunning ornaments to assemble and adorn your home with.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to knit, weave, embroider, bake, or do any other type of handicraft, there are plenty of free resources available online. Same for free classes!


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While reading for pleasure may be increasingly rare, staying indoors may provide the perfect opportunity to expand your literary knowledge. However, like streaming services, the avid reader has broad access to books of all varieties through subscription services that range from ebook libraries to comprehensive collections of audiobooks.

Depending on your own personal preferences, reading can also be an excellent activity for pairing with cannabis. Simply light the fireplace, put on some hot cocoa, and curl up under the covers with a good book for an experience defined by ultimate relaxation.

At-Home Exercise

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Your mood may be dour right now, but staying active is still an effective way to maintain health and dispel some of the negative aspects of prolonged isolation. Many Americans use the gym to exercise, but there are endless ways to get in your workout from the living room.

Push-ups are perhaps the most common, classic method of training the upper body using only one’s own weight. For aerobic exercise, jumping rope provides an easy DIY approach that occupies only a small amount of space. Not every exercise will apply to each individual, so research should be undertaken in order to determine the correct regimen for you.

Plus, there are plenty of free Yoga videos online, as well as other bodyweight exercises you can tackle. Why not try a plank challenge so come out of this isolation with some new core strength?

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