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Are You Ready to Roll? Here’s the Fall 2020 Pre-Roll Roundup!

Prerolls are the true funmakers of the cannabis world: Compact, portable, and always ready to get the party started! With prerolls, there are no more loose, sloppily packed joints (or precious wasted flower!) Plus, they’re thrifty enough that you can try out new strains and producers.

If you can’t tell, we’re huge fans of prerolls, and we want to share the love with you. Fall 2020 brings a whole new crop of expertly packed prerolls for you to try. We sampled them all to pick a few of our favorites!

Prerolls: Tropicana Cookies Infused, Jeeter

Source: Weedmaps

People are gaga for Tropicana Cookies, and no wonder why: With an energetically happy head high and tingly bodily sensations to boot, it’s a “best of both worlds” strain that delivers, and then some. On top of that, Jeeter takes it to the next level by infusing these heavy-duty prerolls with kief—the potent dried resin glands of the cannabis plant—and distillate oil for even more cannabis power.

Prerolls: Lazy Lightning, Good Flower

prerolls 2
Source: Leafly

With earthy, hashlike notes cut through with zings of lemon and lime, this delicious preroll makes a great dessert all by itself (though for full effects you may want to smoke it before sampling some sweets). Uniquely soothing and relaxing—some people describe being “blanketed” in a soft and squishy feeling—it’s probably not your first choice for daytime and focus. But come nightfall, this flash of lightning is hard to beat!

Prerolls: African Orange, High Pack

We love playing with offbeat strains here at Higher Path, and this lovely smelling high-THC sativa is a blissful but energizing sativa-dominant hybrid. Though they typically boast a potency above 20%, these prerolls should keep you focused and on-task. The delicious aromas and flavors of earthy wood and bright orange are just the icing on the cake!

Prerolls: Calm, Canndescent

prerolls 3
Source: Weedmaps

Less a party-starter than a chill-maker, these lovely prerolls are geared towards helping you find restful sleep, relaxation, or relief from symptoms like chronic pain. Because you know we’re big on terpenes, you’ll appreciate that Calm is packed with beta-caryophyllene, linalool and humulene. All of them are known to help fight pain and inflammation and carry you off to bedtime….

Prerolls: Lady Liberty 1:1 Pink Edition, Higgs

Made up to look like a classic cigarette, these long and elegant prerolls are the brainchild of Oliver Higgins’ California lifestyle brand, Higgs. As for the cannabis content, Lady Liberty is a sweet, citrusy 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, and it shows. You’ll feel stress and anxiety drip away into nothing, just in time for a lovely inspiring head high to take effect. Its fans love it for sparking creativity and conversation. And if you consume modest amounts, many find it’s a great smoke for daytime focus and planning.

Prerolls: Hash-Infused Sour Diesel, Stone Road

prerolls 4
Source: Leafly

Here’s an intriguing concept: What if you took Sour D—one of the most popular strains in the world, famous for its “classic” uplifting and buzzy effects—and then paired it with the buzzy full-body potency of Biscotti hash? That’s exactly what Stone Road have done, and we think these prerolls are a knockout, delivering an intense (but intensely pleasurable) ride.

Prerolls are convenient and easy to use. You can grab your favorite varieties at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Browse our online menu to order yours now.

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