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Valley Cycling: Sherman Oaks Bike Trails

Los Angeles can often seem like one of the least bike-friendly cities in the country. The metropolitan area is famous for its sprawl, and getting from one place to another without the use of a car is often impossible. Near Sherman Oaks, however, there are a few choice options for bicyclists that can make zipping around the city a breeze. We’ve selected these fun and versatile Sherman Oaks bike trails to lend some variety and spice to your next ride.

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails: Orange Line Bike Path

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails 1
Source: Traillink

The Metro Orange Line is the San Fernando Valley’s major vein of transportation, connecting citizens with the wider Los Angeles subway system. However, even those who live in the San Fernando Valley may not be aware of the lengthy bikeway that travels along the side of the Orange Line, allowing for a quick zip from one end of the area to the other.

The Orange link bike path extends for over 18 miles and spans the lengths of the San Fernando Valley’s major communities, from Reseda to North Hollywood. Sherman Oaks bike trail travelers may find the path especially useful for darting across to a multitude of destinations, as the Orange Line links together the most important avenues of traffic in the Valley.

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails: Chandler Bikeway

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails 2
Source: Traillink

If you haven’t gotten your fix from the Orange Line Bike Path, the Chandler Bikeway offers an extra kick to extend your bicycling bliss. Immediately after the end of the Orange Line path, the Chandler Bikeway stretches along North Hollywood’s Chandler Boulevard, creating a lane for easy access to many of the city’s shops and restaurants.

While the Chandler Bikeway is named for the North Hollywood boulevard, the path extends into Burbank, resulting in a tranquil trip through residential areas. When combined with the Orange Line Bike Path, it is possible to go the distance from Burbank to the northwestern Valley in a single ride.

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails: Browns Creek Bike Path

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails 3
Source: Traillink

Beginning in Chatsworth, the Browns Creek Bike Path rounds out the other end of the Orange Line. Whereas the Chandler Bikeway and the Orange Line Path may provide residential and urban views, Browns Creek is a decidedly more scenic route, as the trail is tucked away from the surrounding hustle and bustle of the Valley, hugging the side of the waterway.

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails: Los Angeles River Trail

Sherman Oaks Bike Trails 4
Source: LA Curbed

For those who enjoy the Browns Creek Bike Path, it may be worthwhile to look into the Los Angeles River Trail. This extensive path winds beside the entirety of the Los Angeles River, clocking in at over 5 miles longer than the Orange Line Bike Path as one of the longest bike routes in the city.

The Los Angeles River Trail may not offer sights as vivid as its name suggests, owing to the largely concrete nature of the river itself. There are still many reasons for curious cyclists to check the trail out, however, as rehabilitation efforts have recently been focused on sprucing up the area around the river.

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